MINX Factory is the expression of our ideas into playful ceramic objects that are not only functional but pieces of art. We create with passion and inspiration.

We continue to improve day after day, and hope to bring joy to your home with our colorful and unique products. 

We are a nomad couple currently based in Porto, Portugal. Everything is made with our own hands (and hearts)

This project was founded in Buenos Aires year 2016, one year later we moved to Barcelona - Spain, where we spent 3 learning even more about the craft and expanding our business beyond our expectations.

How you do anything is how you do everything, so why not do it with style??

Our products are now in shops all around the world, in countries such as The United States, Ireland, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Mexico, and the list continues to grow! 

We hope to bring a smile to your face with our images, or with our products if you purchase one! 


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